Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nail polish haul!

This is my first haul post. And it is definitely worth posting. I got some amazingly cute Spring colors for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! How cheap, you ask? 69¢ per bottle! I love clearance. ❤

The haul: 10 gorgeous colors & the Salon Express nail stamping kit.
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Sinful Colors (L to R): Irish Green and Why Not? 

 The colors are deeper and richer than the pic shows. Irish Green is a bright bold shamrock green (almost neon) creme. It looks like it may take a few coats though. We'll see. Why Not is a deep, rich not-quite-turquoise blue creme. It looks more promising as far as opacity.

Wet n Wild Megalast Salon Color, L to R: I Need A Refresh-Mint (218A), On A Trip (213C),  Disturbia (217B), and Through The Grapevine (208B).
 The most promising color of this pack is Disturbia, a deep, dark purple shimmery polish. When I did swatches on a white background, opacity was achieved with only one coat. Again, though, we'll cross our fingers.

Wet n Wild Wild Shine, L to R: Lavender Creme (454D), Dreamy Poppy (429D), Blazed (437F), and Sunny Side Up (405).
I have issues with the color names in this pack - Lavender Creme is not really lavender, but more like a mutes, soft hot pink creme. Dreamy Poppy - well, I think of poppies as RED and this is definitely NOT red. However, it's a very pretty color, an almost-coral-and-not-quite-salmon pink creme. Blazed is an almost pastel coral creme, which I'd actually wear (and I usually hate coral). Sunny Side Up is a pastel yellow-orange creme, reminiscent of orange sherbet. Yum! I think these colors will have to have 2 to 3 coats but they are very pretty and I'm sure I'll get lots of use out of them this summer. :)

I ordered a stamping kit a few weeks ago from Amazon, but it has not arrived yet, and since manicure night with the girls is tomorrow, I went ahead and bought the $9.99 "As Seen On TV" kit:

Pros: It's purple, and it comes with 5 plates (SE18 to SE22).  Cons: Not sure the materials will hold up. The stamp and the plate holder are cheap, thin plastic and the rubber stamper rounds came out of the wand as i was taking it out of the package. They easily slipped back in and with a little super glue or hot glue gunning I'm sure they'll be fine. I'm just eager for the other set to arrive so I can compare the brands. :) I haven't used the stamper set yet, but will try it out and report back soon! I also ordered a pack of design plates (Mash 01 to 24) and those did arrive on time. Here are pics of all the design plates I now own:
SE18 - SE22
MASH 01 - 24
Sorry the Mash ones aren't very big, it's the best graphic I could find. I will have to take some pics later on and post them so you can see the amazing designs. I am really looking forward to trying out all of these colors and designs. I feel like I'm giving myself a present as we are in the home-stretch of the semester and I'm stressing out like crazy. I needed a pick-me-up, and I do believe this haul has done the trick. :)

Have a safe and fun weekend, everyone! To those who celebrate, Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and a Blessed full moon tonight!

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