Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter gift request & letter to the big guy upstairs. I think his name is Bruce.

Dear Santa/Father Xmas/St. Nick/Batman,
All I really want this year is this tiny little elephant that obviously loves train rides. The boy and he look so cute together and I am sure they would miss each other very much if parted, so since I am an old maid anyway, why not bring the both of them here - and the little orphan boy gets his wish, too! See, BatSanta? It's a win-win. How many other people would be writing to you to say "bring me an orphan AND his elephant"???? I bet you a dollar (cuz that's all I have in my pocket) not many. So, summing up, me=good person, loves elephants and the kid type people. Kid & elephant on train need a good mommy. I will be their mommy. Thank you very much.
Also, what do tiny elephants eat? I may need a bag of that, too.
Cheerily yours,
Jo, awesome mommy to 2 furballs and endless stuffies

P.S. Percival J. Piggy can provide you with references if necessary.