Saturday, July 2, 2011

What do you mean I'm not Capt. Picard?

While in the shower earlier today I noticed I was almost out of toothpaste. I promptly started to add it to the grocery list:

"Computer, grocery list. Add toothpaste." which point I realized I did not live on the Enterprise. *sigh*


  1. Okay, firstly. I completely believe that this is a true story, which is uber geeky cute.

    Secondly. The Enterprise has replicators, not grocery stores, so if you want to go shopping, you would need to be at a Starbase or a planet etc.

    Thirdly. Though I can't think of an example of advanced dental technology stated explicitly in canon, they do have "sonic showers" which hints that they may have "sonic toothbrushes". However...

    We do know that there was a barber on the Enterprise, who was named Mott. Who mentions the use of regular sorts of products (he suggests Worf use conditioner for example) which means that there is also still "low tech" grooming in use, which could mean that; like it is stated real food tastes better then replicated food, actual showers etc. likely feels better then sonic showers.

    Lastly, the good news which is: We already have voice computers capable of voice recognition and response so if all your looking for is a computer that can do tasks on the order of dictating grocery lists for you, we have that technology.

    The REALLY good news is, you can have a computer which listens to you without the pesky problem of occasional warp core breaches, interstellar wars and Klingon halitosis.

    The bad news is... you don't live on the Enterprise and your not Captain Picard, but it is just as well because I like having you and your geeky sexy here on Earth with me.

  2. I love that your comment is like 6 times longer than my post. And you're right. One with access to a replicator would not need a shopping list. But it was still fun to try. One never knows...
    And yay for no warp core breaches or interstellar wars and DOUBLE HUGE YAY for no Klingon halitosis!