Friday, July 29, 2011

panic attack or over-medicated?

Was having anxiety even after nighttime meds, so took an Ativan.... started to panic that I had taken too much medication... started feeling dizzy, short of breath, heart palpitations...
I just want to feel relaxed enough to be able to go to sleep. Without feeling like I'm slipping into a coma, that is. I start to relax and then I feel like I'm struggling to breathe and swallow and then we're back to square one.
Awesome... so am I still having a panic attack or did I really take too much medication? How am I supposed to tell the difference? There should be a manual for this stuff. Oh, right. The PDR... I should get one of those... Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
Hope you all are sleeping well.....

p.s. Ironic that I look so well-rested and refreshed in my little morning get-up. *sigh*
p.p.s Just managed to scarf down an english muffin and some yumberry pomegranate lifewater, so I think I'll forgo calling 911. Unless I somehow pass out here at the desk and split my head open on the keyboard. Which probably didn't happen if you're reading this. Also, I am hyper aware of my spelling and grammatical errors as I type this so I am probably not over-medicated. I love you, little red squiggly line. *hugs spellcheck*
p.p.p.s. I'm done now. For realz. Thank you and goodnight.

*Edit: The stick figure is banging its head in perfect time to "I've Got You Babe". Fascinating.

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