Sunday, July 31, 2011

And a good time was had by all...

So far this weekend has been full of awesome. Last night The Ninja & I went out to dinner, which is amazing in itself because my baby bro and I get together maybe once a year outside of family get-togethers. Twice as amazing because it was his idea to get together. And thrice as amazing because I haven't felt this close to him since we were kids. Also, he picked up the check for dinner. And beer. I am a lightweight so I could have imagined the whole thing in a drunken haze, but what I think happened was some actual sibling-bonding quality time, the kind I've always dreamt would happen but never felt I was cool enough for in my siblings' eyes. (Hey, spell-check, dreamt is a word, and it's spelled correctly. Ask Merriam-Webster.)

Anyhoozle, The Ninja and I spent a few hours together talking. Really talking. Deep stuff. Profound. But again I must mention I was drinking, so..... But by the end of the night I felt like we understood each other a little better and maybe even started to become friends.

Also, right now I am house/pet-sitting while the parents are on vacation. And although they do not have TV (OMG!!!!!) I haven't been totally bored out of my skull. I was taken for a walk 3 times today by the world's best dog, and alternately ignored & adored by a super cute cat that seems to shed almost as much as my 2 minions put together. Ok, maybe not, but he sheds a lot. However, he is more of a lap-cat than either of my 2 so it's all good cuz I get the lovin'. And as I've been writing this the cat has disappeared... and the dog, who is sleeping next to me, has been having what I can only imagine are some pretty spectacular dreams. He's been huffing and puffing and twitching like he's hunting wabbits. And no, he is not having seizures, but he's probably pissed because I keep waking him up (to make sure they aren't seizures) before he catches his imaginary squirrels. Or was it rabbits? Whatever. Either way, I think he's pissed. But still, he's cuddling with me so I guess not too pissed. Do dogs have goldfish memories? I don't think that's even a valid question anymore, seeing as they proved that goldfish do have memories lasting more than a few minutes... I don't know who "they" ARE, but there was a test done. Or a study. Something with a maze, perhaps. Undoubtedly done by super-smart space alien cats who wanted to know how long they could play with their food before their food forgot what was happening to them. Or research assistants. They're pretty much the same thing.

And tomorrow my friend and her 3 awesome kids are coming by for a swim. In the morning. Let me repeat that: IN THE MORNING. Was I stoned when I agreed to that? 9 or 10am. Normally I am just waking up at that hour. But I figured since I am sitting on the pets and I have to get up early to have the dog take me for a walk I would probably be up and doing something productive by that hour... and by doing something productive I mean sitting around watching anime and eating a breakfast burrito in the buff. I'm totally joking. I could never eat a breakfast burrito at my parents' house.

Enjoy your weekend. If you don't, I'll do it for you.


  1. Wow... so you had beer! Cool. What was the other thing?

  2. ...Sidebar, the letters I had to type in for the spam screening for the previous post were:


    Just precious, it is my new favorite word.

  3. The other thing was the forbidden and much coveted breakfast burrito, of course.
    And coculati is a fantastic word! What does it mean? It sounds like a frozen, exotic, fruity drink or flaky pastry.... mmmmm, coculati....