Friday, April 22, 2011

30DC - Day 18

Day 18 - A picture of something you're jealous of.

How gorgeous are these?! I miss wearing high heels. So it's not the shoes themselves I am jealous of, it's the people who get to wear them. I haven't been able to wear high heels in over a decade. The fibromyalgia and back problems ensure that if I even try, I will promptly fall over and probably sprain or break something in the process. These shoes in particular are teh sexxy. Oh yes. If I had the means I would buy them just to wear when sitting or laying down. *snerk* Gods know I would never be able to stand in them, let alone walk. But they sure are pretty to look at. *sigh*


  1. Never been a fan of the stiletto heel myself, they just look painfully uncomfortable. Not to mention I have never seen a pair in my size.

  2. Too bad. You have nice legs.