Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pick a card, any card...

So I just did this quick little reading thing and the first time I clicked nothing came up. So I clicked again and this is the card I got:

Coincidence? I think not. I have been struggling with my own issues as well as with the process of applying to grad school, and now waiting to hear if I've been accepted. Tonight I had a panic attack while I was out in public - at WalMart of all places. I am so thankful that my partner was there to comfort and support me. It's all tied together. I'm fixing myself so I can help fix others. Why does this seem like such a LONG f***ing process? Sometimes I feel it's right around the corner but other times I feel like I may never get there...


  1. I am in the same boat baby, as you know. We'll make it through together. On another note, I like the new purple face.

  2. Thanks, love. I thought it was very "me". We just gotta hang in there, I know we'll both make it to where we want to be. It just takes time.