Thursday, March 24, 2011

My thoughts for the day...

I don't like bleeding so much that I become anemic.
I don't like the amount of pain my lady parts are in.
I don't like having to defend myself when it comes to having a disability/being on public assistance.
I don't like having to deal with money because it makes me very anxious.
I don't like the fact that money makes me so anxious.
I don't like the fact that I feel inferior to people who have "real jobs" and receive a "real paycheck".
I don't like the voices in my head telling me I am worthless.
I don't like the fact that I have to battle those voices every damn day.
I DO like that I have a good support network to help me along.
I DO like that my cats never judge me or shun me (except when they are being snots the way cats do).
I DO like that the sun is shining today.
I DO like having medication to control my pain AND anxiety. (I will not admit to saying this later on but Gods bless Big Pharma!)
I DO think I am quite stellar at times... and have to remind myself of that a LOT.
I love watching my cats nap in the sunshine.
I love that my boyfriend laughs at my dorky jokes.
It's ok that I'm not getting all dolled up today because I am in pain.
I don't want to let other people's judgements and feelings dictate how I feel.
I am me and I'm ok.
That sounded really corny. Fuck it. I stick by it. I AM ok.
Pancakes sound really good right now but I'm gonna be good and not eat carbs. Instead I'll dream about them. And eat yogurt.


  1. mmm... pancakes... mmm...

    Sorry, what were you saying?


  2. Really?? THAT'S what u took away from this post??
    Oh, Frenchie, you and your food....